Médecins Sans Frontières


Commissioned by Médecins Sans Frontières, directed by Kiki & Remus and produced by Steve Smith for Beakus, with sound by Marian Mentrup, and voiced by Oscar-winning actor Jim Broadbent.

How does conflict damage national health?

To lead happy healthy lives people need food, clean water, shelter and sanitation, and a functioning healthcare system. But what happens when these are broken by conflict and war?

In 1918, as the First World War ended, a deadly new virus, which became known as the Spanish Flu, began to spread across Europe. If quickly infected a third of the world’s population, killing up to 100 million people in a single year, more than both World Wars combined.

In 2018, a brutal civil war together with a land and sea blockage, has driven up food prices and forced 18 million Yemenis towards malnutrition. Rates of malnutrition in Yemen are now 50 percent higher than before the war, and almost half of deaths in children under five are caused by a lack of food.

Featured on the Telegraph website on launch -

“One of the best animations I’ve seen from MSF in the past 4 years I’ve been here.” - MSF Ireland