Amaël Isnard

A brilliant designer of smart, vector-style characters blended with a smattering of complex 3D CGI.

A short animated film to promote the work of the wonderful Influence Film Club, directed by Amael Isnard and produced by Steve Smith for Beakus. IFC wants more people to watch documentary films and have meaningful conversations about them. We hope this inspires people to connect with them. Sound by Marian Mentrup.

One of a batch of films made for the Royal Observatory Greenwich, illustrating Newton's three Laws of Motion.

Beakus were asked to create a stylish infomercial to promote the services of Coordinate My Care - a clinical service that links health professionals together and provides a better service for patients.

In this film for the Royal Observatory Greenwich we explain everything you need to know about comets... I mean asteroids.. I mean meteors.... I mean EVERYTHING! The animation is part-created with clay, and a lot of love.

The alternative Olympic torch relay created in anticipation of the London Games in 2012. A short film by Amaël Isnard and Leo Bridle.