Rory WT

Rory is a multi-award-winning animation director. His short Mr. Madila garnered gongs all over the planet and is even in the Oscar short-list. Before becoming famous Rory worked as an in-house animator at Hasbro, created work for Nokia, Glastonbury Festival, Deadmau5 and Goldie, and studied at the Royal College of Art. Rory often uses a combination of digital 3D and 2D techniques to tell his idisyncratic stories.

Disney commissioned us to make four fun broadcast bumpers for Snazaroo Face Paint. Each one shows the magical transformation you can expect when painted as your favourite imaginary character - from a Skeleton Dog to a Dragon King!

Rory WT's short graduation film from the Royal College of Art. “Everything is mostly nothing. Look closely and you can see all the little bits and pieces, and all the gaps in-between.”

'Mr Madila or The Colour of Nothing' documents a series of conversations between the film-maker and a gifted spiritual healer, exploring the inner mind, the fabric of the universe, and the nature of reality itself, through the sacred art of animation. Oooooooh.

Awards -

Royal Television Awards / 2016 / Winner Best Student Animation Post-grad
Fantoche / 2016 / International Competition Audience Award
Palm Springs Short Film Fest / 2016 / Best Student Animation
Flickerfest / 2017 / International Animation Award
Festival Premier Plans D'Angers / 2016 / Format Court Award Winner
Manchester Animation Festival / 2016 / Audience Award
British Shorts Berlin / 2016 / Audience Award Winner
Big Cartoon Fest / 2016/ Audience Award
Northwest Animation Festival / 2016 / Audience Award
ANNY Best of Fest / 2016 / Animation for Adults Award
TAIS / 2016 / Jury Prize & Audience Prize
London International Animation Festival / 2015 / Best British Film Audience Vote
Leeds International Film Festival / Highly Commended
UK Short British Independant Film Awards / 2016 / Longlisted
British Animation Awards / 2016 / Nominated Best Student Film Post-grad
Royal Television Awards / 2016 / Nominated Best Sound
NAHEMI Eat Our Shorts / 2015 / Audience Vote Winner
RCA Elf Factory Prize Semi-finalist
Adobe Design Achievement Awards / 2015

'The Guest' is a promo for Spark's 'A Little Bit Of Fun' through the Listeners Project.

We contributed over 17-minutes of bespoke animation to the first series of CBBC's Lifebabble, with a huge variety of design and techniques. Then came series 2, and we once again provided a plethora of great animated clips, all created by our roster of in-house directors. The show gives a range of personal, emotional and practical advice to the CBBC audience, with humour and gravity in equal measure. Here we present a trimmed-down edit of 'the best bits'. (Music 'The Great Break-off' by The Insider

'Art for Lawyers' is a 9-minute animated documentary made in collaboration with the employees of an international law firm in The City for Pinsent Masons Artist in Residence. The film is a culmination of a series of conversations and workshops, and also features drawings made by staff members in the canteen, on their lunch-break.