Studio Guests

We love working with guest directors if their approach is just what we need. Below are some great examples.

One of three videos created for Google Education through Across the Pond, where teachers explain the benefits of G Suite in the classroom.

One of 6 shorts created for The Guardian website for their agony aunt, Philippa Perry, in which the public phone in to tell their story and Philippa offers council.

Commissioned by Red Bee Media this TV spot for BBC News and 5Live promotes a series of political radio shows that promise to cut through the babble. Commissioned in the run up to the 2015 general election.

A wonderful, mystical introduction to The Casebooks Project, which aims to make available the astrological records of Simon Forman and Richard Napier. Using archive print illustrations the compelling black-and-white animation can also be seen here. "What is my disease?" - "Am I pregnant?" - "Will I die?" - These are the sorts of questions that thousands of people asked Simon Forman and Richard Napier, two of the most popular astrologers in early modern England. Through four busy decades, Forman and Napier recorded approximately 80,000 consultations. Their casebooks are one of the most extensive surviving sets of medical records in history. They provide a unique view of the lives of ordinary - and extraordinary - people four centuries ago.

This short clip was made to kick off the trailer to Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington's series An Idiot Abroad, on Sky, showing Marco Polo's journey from Venice to China - a journey Karl Pilkington was charged with undertaking. Poor sod.

One of 5 clips for the National Maritime Museum, made to help illuminate objects in the museum's collection. Students visiting the museum can get their hands on tablet PC's and carry them around the gallery snapping photos of objects that interest them... Five lucky objects trigger our animations, which shed more light on subjects such as slavery, trade across India, and the use of ships in early intercontinental trade.

Working again with Across The Pond and Google, we created a fun vector-styled animation to promote YouTube's competition, NextUp - a development programme for high potential YouTube partners to accelerate their careers and grow their YouTube channels.

Produced for Across the Pond and Google to promote a new competition involving the broadcaster Euronews.

We made two bespoke short films for The Wellcome Trust's Collectors portal, adapting a seventeenth century novella in to a sparkling fantasy animation. Inspired by the utopian book by philosopher Francis Bacon, New Atlantis, this film ruminates on the possibility of an undiscovered land and it's mystical inhabitants. See the film in situe here, and our other clip, Airloom, here.

Here is our largest section of the animated stereoscopic film A Liar's Autobiography. We created three bespoke sequences for the cinema feature about Monty Python's Graham Chapman, and in this clip Graham descends in to alcohol and drug induced mania in LA, hosting parties for Chas and Dave, Ringo Starr and literally everyone else.. It also shows David Frost hosting a birthday party full of fakes, a miniature Rod Stewart, and Dr One Across advising Graham on Nivinism - voiced superbly by Terry Gilliam himself. Enjoy!

A second clip from the stereoscopic animated feature film A Liar's Autobiography, the untrue story of Monty Python's Graham Chapman. Beakus animated over ten minutes of the film and here we see Paul the Apostle writing a letter about morality, correcting some of the New Testament in relation to New Zealand... Rude, crude, and bonkers, the animation is beautifully, energetically hand-drawn.

A screen-friendly version of our 5000 pixel-wide moving painting for the National Maritime Museum's amazing exhibition: Royal River, Power, Pageantry and the Thames. The looping animation adorned 4-screens above the museum's reception desk, and was visited by the Queen in April 2012! We like to think she stood awhile and reflected on the mastery of our digital trickery…. but we can't be sure.

We turned a Canaletto painting (London: The Thames on Lord Mayor’s Day, looking towards the City and St. Paul’s Cathedral - circa 1750) in to a 3D environment. The water ripples, canons fire and flags billow in a truly immersive experience. The painting itself is on loan to the National Maritime Museum and is in England for the first time since it was painted, over 260 years ago!