EMF Food


We were approached by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to create an animated film for their initiative to reduce waste in the food industry.

Waste is a huge problem for kitchens, supermarkets and farming, and EMF have devised a plan to make the food industry sustainable and regenerative, right from the start of the chain to the end.

We worked with live-action of actual EMF employees and advocates, creating animation to sit alongside and illustrate quite complex concepts. For us, it’s about taking the viewer on a smooth journey, that flows from speaker to speaker and between their ideas.

Directed by Gideon Prins; Sound Design by Marian Mentrup; Produced by Steve Smith @ Beakus.

“Once again you’ve knocked it out of the park, one of the team yesterday said this is the most original content we’ve produced in a long time!”

Below are a selection of stills created through the development and production process: