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Olobob Top launching on CBeebies

We've been a little bit secretive about a new show we've been creating for CBeebies, called Olobob Top. It's an animated pre-school show of 52 x 5-mins devised by Steve Smith and Leigh Hodgkinson, that features three lovely little characters called Tib, Lalloo and Bobble. They live in a huge tree in an even huger forest, and play with their friends Crunch, Deeno, Norbet, Lemon, Gurdy, Big Fish, and Groan Up... The series is all about Creative Play, and encouraging children to explore their creative imaginations, with loads of humour, silliness and pathos along the way.

Stephen Mangan provides the voices of our Narrator as well as 52 (yes, fifty-two) characters the Olobobs create. We've also had fabulous sound design from the team behind Peppa Pig, Fonic, and beautiful music composed by Emmy-award-winning David Schweitzer.

The series is associate produced by Cloth Cat Animation, and is being distributed worldwide by Cake.

We're very VERY excited to share this with you, and encourage you to find it on CBeebies every weekday from Monday 17th July, at 9.25am and 1.25pm. After which it'll pop on to iPlayer to watch anytime. Please let us know what you think!

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