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A Little Grey on Vimeo

We're thrilled to release our melancholic 3D CGI short, A Little Grey, on Vimeo, a year after we won Best Animation at the Manchester Film Festival:

You can read about the production process, with some development images, and an interview with the directors, Steve Smith and Simon Hewitt here:

Synopsis - Grey (Tony Gardner) seeks help from a psychiatrist (Richard Atlee) when he loses his color. Grey moves in a world where everyone has their own vibrant color, except for him. He has gone a little grey, he seeks to find a cure to his condition by trying everything from daredevil sports, to rock concerts and acupuncture until he finally hits the bars, drinking himself to forget. With a baby on the way, Grey is worried that his condition may be hereditary and that he may pass it on to his child. Grey can’t seem to find his place in a colorful world anymore, but perhaps the arrival of a new life may be what’s needed for his spark to reignite once again.

The Guest by Rory WT for Sparks

Our amazing director Rory WT has just released a new short promo for top band Sparks, via the similarly amazing Listeners Project. Entitled 'The Guest' it involves a party, of sorts, and a security guard, and is inspired by the project's mission to film in demolition-tagged buildings - to literally capture the walls before they crumble and disappear. Slightly more challenging is that each director, of which there are four, must make their film in 24-hours. So it's high-speed hijinks for all involved, and we think Rory did a grand job!