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Yakka Dee! launches on CBeebies

We're delighted to announce the launch of our latest show on the UK's premiere channel for pre-school children, CBeebies. Yakka Dee! is a 5-minute show created by Lotte Elwell, Katie Simmons, and Steve Smith. Each episode we learn about a new word - be it banana, duck or dog - and go on a fun visual adventure exploring the iterations of that word in everyday life. A little animated character, Dee, then helps live-action children to say the word for the first time, thereby opening up their vocabulary and growing their speech confidence. Animated by Mighty, with animation direction from Chris Allen, the show was an instant hit with CBeebies youngest audience. Watch full episodes here.

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Venom: Killer and Cure

We were approached by The Natural History Museum to create a film for their new exhibition; ‘Venom: Killer and Cure’

The video sits behind 3 of the venomous specimens on display in the exhibition space – the Cone Snail, Rattle Snake and Stone Fish.

The aim was to explain the biological characteristics of venom and how it works, illustrating the scientific content behind the creatures on display.

Directing duo Kiki & Remus came up with this abstract, textured design to fit within the overall dark and moody atmosphere of the exhibition space itself.

Below are a few pictures from the opening night of the Venom exhibition, showing our videos in their glory... along with the specimens! 

The Guest by Rory WT for Sparks

Our amazing director Rory WT has just released a new short promo for top band Sparks, via the similarly amazing Listeners Project. Entitled 'The Guest' it involves a party, of sorts, and a security guard, and is inspired by the project's mission to film in demolition-tagged buildings - to literally capture the walls before they crumble and disappear. Slightly more challenging is that each director, of which there are four, must make their film in 24-hours. So it's high-speed hijinks for all involved, and we think Rory did a grand job!

Google G Suite in Schools

These three videos, made for Google’s Educational department through agency Across the Pond, aim to promote the use of Google’s G Suite in Schools. G Suite is a brand of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products. It supports teachers and relieves them from the tedious work that gets in their way.


We recently completed a set of three animated films for English Heritage's digital platforms. They form part of their theme for 2017: ‘Ingenious! The Making of England’, which looks at the ways technology and innovation have shaped our history and buildings over the last 5000 years. We look at the methods used in Medieval warfare, including explosive devices fashioned from pig fat, the building of Hadrian's Wall, which involved the whole of the Roman Army of Britain and we explore the mysteries of Stonehenge and how it came to be.

Directed by Spin Kick Bros with sound design by Marian Mentrup.

Pirate Giraffes and Alien Superheroes!

Disney commissioned us to make these four fun videos for Snazaroo Face Paint. Each one shows the magical transformation you can expect when painted as your favourite imaginary character! From a Skeleton Dog to a Dragon King! Currently being shown on Disney Junior, these bumpers were designed and directed by Rory WT.

Olobob Top launching on CBeebies

We've been a little bit secretive about a new show we've been creating for CBeebies, called Olobob Top. It's an animated pre-school show of 52 x 5-mins devised by Steve Smith and Leigh Hodgkinson, that features three lovely little characters called Tib, Lalloo and Bobble. They live in a huge tree in an even huger forest, and play with their friends Crunch, Deeno, Norbet, Lemon, Gurdy, Big Fish, and Groan Up... The series is all about Creative Play, and encouraging children to explore their creative imaginations, with loads of humour, silliness and pathos along the way.

Stephen Mangan provides the voices of our Narrator as well as 52 (yes, fifty-two) characters the Olobobs create. We've also had fabulous sound design from the team behind Peppa Pig, Fonic, and beautiful music composed by Emmy-award-winning David Schweitzer.

The series is associate produced by Cloth Cat Animation, and is being distributed worldwide by Cake.

We're very VERY excited to share this with you, and encourage you to find it on CBeebies every weekday from Monday 17th July, at 9.25am and 1.25pm. After which it'll pop on to iPlayer to watch anytime. Please let us know what you think!

We have active social media channels on Twitter, FB and Instagram, or write to Plus of course we have a website where you'll find background info, games and activities!

A Little Grey wins at Manchester

We're delighted to announce that A Little Grey has scooped the prize for Best Animation at Manchester Film Festival! The short film, co-directed by Simon Hewitt and Steve Smith, has been touring festivals and getting some lovely reaction, topped by this rather nice gong. Big shout out to Mighty and our Laura Thomas who worked so hard on the production.

Lifebabble Returns!

Lifebabble is back for another series and once again we worked hard at creating 42 individual animated clips for the show. With Rory WT directing overall, we also brought in 7 additional Beakus directors, ensuring that all of the animated segments within each episode had a unique design style. You can watch the show on CBBC Monday to Friday at 4.25pm, or catch it online here:

Mr Madila online!

Rory WT's multi-award-winning short 'Mr Madila' is finally released to the world today. If you're up for a bit of hilarity, what with the world teetering on the brink thanks to our American cousins, then this film is for you. Take a look - you won't be disappointed!

Semi finalist Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2015
Winner Fantoche
Winner British Shorts Berlin
Winner Anny Best of Fest
Winner Flickerfest
Winner Premier Plans Angers
Winner Manchester Animation Festival
Winner RTS Student Awards.