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Lifebabble on CBBC


Just launched on CBBC is a new series called Lifebabble. Half live-action, half animated, we were delighted to be asked to produce and direct the animation over the closing months of last year. Having won a competitive pitch, our team of directors created over 17-minutes of animation in a huge variety of styles and techniques, with Rory WT at the helm. We used stop-motion for the title-sequence, and bespoke 2D styles for a range of real-life stories, stings and expert tips. From coping with acne, to surviving secondary school, mental health, and coping with death, Lifebabble provides information and support from a team of vlogger-style contributors and experts.

Lifebabble airs on CBBC every Wednesday at 5.05pm and Saturday at 11am. It's also available on the iPlayer, and through the Lifebabble webpage, for which we also contributed an array of visuals!

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