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How To Change The World Premiere


The UK Premiere of feature doc How To Change The World takes place on Wednesday 9th September all around the country, followed by a Q&A hosted by Mariella Frostrup and with the director Jerry Rothwell, Vivienne Westwood, and Emily Hunter (daughter of the film's subject Bob).

Beakus are proud to have produced and directed animation for the film, which scooped a Jury Prize at Sundance this year. Telling the story of the foundation of Greenpeace, through the eyes of journalist and eco-activist Bob Hunter, the film takes in not only 1960's flower power and the proliferation of atomic weapons, but also the struggle to overcome structures of power, and the pitfalls of starting a worldwide movement with it's own momentum. It's at once euphoric and tragic - a real journey to change the world.

Steve Smith directed the animation, working with Jerry to create a dark, fizzing, filmic visualisation of Bob's inner thoughts. For the first time we can show you a part of this work, where Bob puts his head inside the mouth of a killer whale! PLEASE support this amazing film by getting along to a screening on 9th September, details here:

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