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How To Change The World


We're delighted to share with you some details about the feature documentary How To Change The World that premieres TODAY at the opening night of the Sundance Film Festival. Dissecting the pre-history and nascent early days of global eco-campaigner Greenpeace, the film explores themes of companionship, passion and commitment, brotherly love, fear and righteousness. By focusing on the group's talismanic leader Bob Hunter and his journey of self-discovery, we become privy to some of the most momentous and cataclysmic events in the formation of a worldwide movement.

Using a mixture of beautiful and often unseen archive footage and black-and-white animation, the feature boils to a compelling climax that really does tug at your heartstrings..

We were fortunate enough to play a part in the film's production. Our very own Steve Smith was the feature's animation director, guiding Canadian animator Julian van Mil in the creation of some ten minutes of animated motion graphics. Steve worked closely with the film's director Jerry Rothwell to conceive and storyboard the shots before sending the materials to Julian in Canada. Together they developed a dark, brooding, boiling, multi-textured style of 3D animation that enables us to journey in to Bob Hunter's mind, where archive footage simply can't go.

It was a long process - well over a year from those first creative discussions to final delivery, but a process that really helped the film take shape.

To learn more about the film, visit And here are screening details via Sundance:

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