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Beakus at No.10 Downing Street


Last week Beakus founder Steve Smith was invited to the Prime Minister's residence at No.10 Downing Street - we kid you not - for a shindig in support of the UK animation industry and the oodles of cash it brings the Treasury every year (not to mention the thousands of jobs for UK and EU citizens alike). We are the backbone of the creative ecosystem that runs through the veins of this country, and we wanted to show the powers-that-be what we're made of, and how we can drink more wine than anyone else. In many ways the night was a success... Steve met the Minister of State for Digital and Culture, Matt Hancock, and tried his best to big up the work of Beakus, and our partners.

It was a surreal experience going through security, supping wine and eating limp canapes inside No.10, topped off by a mass orgy of selfies outside the eponymous blackened door. One for the CV, photo album, and maybe a political memoir...?

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