Our NewD winner Kiki, and her partner Remus, created this spoof commercial for men’s hair product Tuft.

Inspired by Movember, they prowled the streets asking bearded folk whether they could describe their beards in ‘just one word’.. The results were surprising, and once the audio was cut together in a vox-pop style, it was clear people had many, many words for facial hair!

Kiki & Remus designed all the caricatures, accentuating the idiosyncrasies in the people they spoke to. It was then a question of whether we wanted the audience to know everyone was talking about their beards, or not. After all, words like picky, scraggly, and awkward, aren’t the first words we’d associate with facial hair…

Here are some pre-production images:

Tuft_PreVis_1 Tuft_PreVis_2

We launched the film at a special screening at Publicis London, with a bus stop poster placed neatly outside! Thanks to everyone who came!


PublicisParty_38 PublicisParty_47
PublicisParty_53 PublicisParty_55
PublicisParty_01 PublicisParty_35
PublicisParty_12 PublicisParty_15
PublicisParty_20 PublicisParty_22
PublicisParty_25 PublicisParty_26
PublicisParty_27 PublicisParty_30
PublicisParty_31 PublicisParty_33