Spin Kick Bros

Spin Kick Bros create sharp, fast-paced narrative mayhem. Influenced by great and current American cartoons, the Bros have created hugely imaginative adult comedy shorts with a cult online following thanks to a stint on the ubiquitous Cartoon Hangover and a Vimeo Staff Pick for Writers’ Block.

The Battle of Hastings
by Spin Kick Bros
for English Heritage

Beakus were asked by English Heritage to make two videos to commemorate the 950th year anniversary of the Battle of Hastings.
In a humorous back and forth, the first tells the story of the conflict between Harold and William over who rightfully deserved to be crowned king.
The second explains why William won the Battle of Hastings – narrated on the battlefield by the Norman and Saxon soldiers themselves!
Expertly written and directed by our talented duo Spin Kick Bros.

Sound Design: Marian Mentrup